About Us



          Accurate Customs Brokers (ACB), opened back in 1993 and has been growing ever since.  It's most recent expansion consists of the purchase of ALL WAYS Customs Brokers, Inc., a company incorporated in 1989 with experienced direction.  This means our firm has a rich history of 20 years of hard work and excellent service practices.  We handle all shipments that require customs clearance anywhere in Canada.  Whether via air, land or sea, we promise to proceed in an ACCURATE manner & ALL WAYS assure your company prompt, professional & personalized service.



      We are a firm whose foundation is customer service and based on the trust of our clients.   We care for & respect all their business needs.  Our goal is to provide the finest service available for the efficient operations of our clients' business, as well as ensuring they are excised according to their imports.  Our corporate values include showing respect for the interests of our customers, their employees and prospects. Our staff is directed to do business efficiently for all accounts.



      Each client account is given to one of our qualified executives, who will be a direct contact and handle all aspects of the importation, from alert to delivery.  Recognizing the most important factor is assured, reliable and consistent communication between a customer and their broker, we are committed to a proficient (competent) follow-up program.  We make it our business to service our clients' needs as well as in assisting their business to develop.  We keep our clients' informed and updated on the latest customs news.  We consult of changing regulations and revisions by the Canada Border Services Agency (see news section).  Assistance is also available for importing information on things such as rates of duty.  Free Trade Agreement and certificate of Origin information will be continually reviewed for possible benefits to the client as they are implemented. 



          Solely being a Customs Broker, we are not bogged down by the aspects of logistics.  Our advantage comes from simply being able to focus on one thing - expediting the clearance of your goods (making sure your shipments clear customs at their earliest and easiest convenience).  Although not limited by this either, we can most definitely solicit air, truck and/or ocean transporters to establish the best service suited for your business' particular needs.  Also at your request, we can inquire about freight rates from different carriers we've come to know to ensure the best delivery arrangements.



ALL WAYS ACCURATE Customs Brokers - "our name says it all".








These surtaxes will only apply on goods originating from the U.S., where the origin is determined as per the terms of the CUSMA, and will take effect by September 21, 2020. The surtaxes will not apply to U.S. goods that are in transit to Canada on the day on which the surtaxes come into force.