As you are aware, the current economic climate is in a state of flux due to Covid 19 virus which has changed the dynamics of how companies( and our personal life) conduct business . Due to this current situation, it has been suggested by CBSA to put our customers on GST Direct effective immediately. Nothing changes for this month's payment, however starting next month; all customers will be responsible to remit GST directly to CBSA. HOW you may ask, once a month we generate a report that advises you of how much is payable to CBSA with a breakdown of shipment and totals too. We send this report out via email monthly around the 18th of each month , which will share a timeline to pay ( last business day of the month-end, which must be met to avoid additional monies being owed to the government) details. Enclosed is a “How to" making Electronic Payments to CBSA though your banking institutions, it’s the same as paying your bills online... Be sure to send to CBSA, as this is a specific avenue for GST direct payment to CBSA (VS, CRA), do not to send these payments to your usual HST or Corporate income tax CRA online accounts. What changes? Our invoice to you will have the balance of all the other charges (including Duty), without the GST on IMPORTS... Pay our invoice Separately from the payment you'll make online to CBSA If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.
These surtaxes will only apply on goods originating from the U.S., where the origin is determined as per the terms of the CUSMA, and will take effect by September 21, 2020. The surtaxes will not apply to U.S. goods that are in transit to Canada on the day on which the surtaxes come into force.